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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

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No Title Year Author Type
19561 Caring sex: AIDS education for Aboriginal communities 1988 Calluy, J. Journal article
19562 Acute appendicitis: a retrospective review of 107 consecutive cases of acute appendicitis in a country hospital, with special reference to Aborigines 1988 Caldwell, P. Journal article
19563 Traditional medicine of Aboriginal Australia 1988 Byard, R. Journal article
19564 Aborigines Today: Land and Justice 1988 Burger, J. Report
19565 Survey of HIV infection in Aborigines 1988 Bucens, M. R. Reid, P. M. Holman, C. D. J. Quadros, C. F. Journal article
19566 Public drunkenness: Australian law and practice 1988 Brewer, J. Report
19567 Hard choices in public health 1988 Brandt, E. N., Jr. Journal article
19568 Indigenous and government attempts to control alcohol use among Australian Aborigines 1988 Brady, M. Conference presentation
19569 Where the beer truck stopped: drinking in a Northern Australian town 1988 Brady, M. Report
19570 Aboriginal petrol sniffing: current research on its social dynamics 1988 Brady, M. Book section
Last updated: 30 August 2015
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