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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

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No Title Year Author Type
19421 The effectiveness of support services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities[abstract] 1989 Aboriginal Health Information Bulletin Journal article
19422 Annual report 1988/1989 [Program 17: mental health services, pp 156-165] 1989 Northern Territory Department of Health and Community Services Report
19423 Support services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities 1989 House of Representatives Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs Report
19424 Number one for action 1989 Brady, M. Journal article
19425 Aboriginal pharmacopoeia 1988 Stack, E. Report
19426 Australia's health 1988: the first biennial report of the Australian Institute of Health 1988 Australian institute of Health and Welfare Report
19427 Submission to the Royal Commission Aboriginal dealths in custody 1988 Yates, R. J. Report
19428 Contours of maxillary molars studies in Australian Aboriginals 1988 Yamada, H. Brown, T. Journal article
19429 Discussion paper on alcohol-related problems in the Alice Springs Aboriginal town camps 1988 Wynter, J. Hill, J. Report
19430 Bush Aborigines and city nurses: bridging the gap 1988 Wright, B. Journal article
Last updated: 12 February 2016
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