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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

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No Title Year Author Type
19291 Report of the Congress Alukura Pilot health programme Alice Springs 1989 Mills, J. Report
19292 Trachoma in the Northern Territory of Australia, 1940-1986 1989 Meredith, S. J. Peach, H. G. Devanesen, D. Journal article
19293 Annual Report 1988-1989 1989 Menzies School of Health Research Report
19294 A national Aboriginal health strategy 1989 McMichael, T. Journal article
19295 Measurements of tooth wear among Australian Aborigines: 2. Intrapopulational variation in patterns of dental attrition [abstract] 1989 McKee, J. K. Molnar, S. Journal article
19296 Epidemiology of childhood meningitis in central Australia [abstract] 1989 McIntyre, P. Erlich, J. Journal article
19297 Prevalence of antibody to Human T-Lymphotropic Virus Type 1 in genital herpes patients 1989 May, J. Stent, G. Schnagl, R. Journal article
19298 Treatment of End Stage Renal Failure in people living in remote areas of Western Australia 1989 Martin, C. Report
19299 Rheumatic heart disease in Aboriginal children in the Northern Territory 1989 MacDonald, K. T. Walker, A. C. Journal article
19300 Conception, genetics and birth marks in Aborigines 1989 Lipson, T. Journal article
Last updated: 28 July 2016
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