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Overweight and obesity
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181 The association between birthweight and current blood pressure: a cross-sectional study in an Australian Aboriginal community 2003 Singh, G. R. Hoy, W. E. Journal article
182 Homocysteine concentrations lowered following dietary intervention in an Aboriginal community 2003 Rowley, K. Lee, A. J. Yarmirr, D. O'Dea, K. Journal article
183 Fat, fishing patterns, and health among the Bardi people of north Western Australia 2003 Rouja, P. M. Dewailly, E. Blanchet, C. Bardi Community Journal article
184 Body composition of Aboriginal Australian women: comparison with age-matched Caucasians 2003 Raja, C. Hansen, R. D. Colagiuri, S. Allen, B. J. Journal article
185 Growing stronger together: cross-cultural nutrition partnerships in the Northern Territory 1974-2000 2003 Priestly, J. R. Thesis
186 National Obesity Taskforce - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workshop, Adelaide, 10-11 September 2003: outcomes 2003 Pollard, C. Lewis, J. Woods, L. Beurle, D. Report
187 Relation of adiposity and body fat distribution to body mass index in Australians of Aboriginal and European ancestry 2003 Piers, L. S. Rowley, K. Soares, M. J. O'dea, K. Journal article
188 FoodNorth: food for health in north Australia 2003 Leonard, D. Turner, C. Hobson, V. Pollard, C. Lewis, J. Bowcock, R Report
189 Climacteric symptoms among Indigenous Australian women and a model for the use of culturally relevant art in health promotion 2003 Davis, S. R. Knight, S. White, V. Claridge, C. Davis, B. J. Bell, R. Journal article
190 Nutrition and growth 2003 Burns, J. Irvine, J. Book section
Last updated: 28 November 2014
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