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No Title Year Author Type
181 Research gaps in Indigenous sexual health: establishing evidence-based best practice for social and behavioural interventions: technical report 2005 Morris, K. Willis, J. Anderson, I. Croy, S. McCall, M. Report
182 Australia's notifiable diseases status, 2003: annual report of the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System 2005 Miller, M. Roche, P. Yohannes, K. Spencer, J. Bartlett, M. Brotherton, J. Hutchinson, J. Kirk, M. McDonald, A. Vadjic, C. Journal article
183 Evaluating an Indigenous sexual health peer education project 2005 Mikhailovich, K. Arabena, K. Journal article
184 Northern Territory sexual health and blood borne viruses unit surveillance update [vol 6,1 & 6,2 - 2005] 2005 Department of Health and Community Services Report
185 National HIV/AIDS strategy: revitalising Australia's response 2005-2008 2005 Department of Health and Ageing Report
186 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sexual health and blood borne virus strategy 2005-2008 2005 Department of Health and Ageing Report
187 Contemporary issues in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health: HIV, hepatitis and sexual health 2005 Clementson, C. Report
188 Controlling HIV in Indigenous Australians [editorial] 2005 Bowden, F. J. Journal article
189 AFAO strategy for responding to sexual abuse of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander gay men and sistergirls 2005 Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations Report
190 Health status 2005 Australian Bureau of Statistics Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Book section
Last updated: 30 July 2016
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