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181 Increasing prevalence of neonatal withdrawal syndrome: population study of maternal factors and child protection involvement 2009 O'Donnell, M. Nassar, N. Leonard, H. Hagan, R. Mathews, R. Patterson, Y. Stanley, F. Journal article
182 Effect of smoking among Indigenous and non-Indigenous mothers on preterm birth and full-term low birthweight [letter] 2009 Walters, B.N.J. Journal article
183 Aboriginal maternity group practice: a new initiative in maternity care for Aboriginal families in Western Australia 2009 Nelson, L. Kruit, K. Conference presentation
184 Caring for women and children 2009 Conway, L. Conference presentation
185 Building a perinatal service model with a Western Australian Indigenous community 2009 Brooks, J. Journal article
186 Adverse outcomes of labour in public and private hospitals in Australia: a population-based descriptive study 2009 Robson, S.J. Laws, P. Sullivan, E.A. Journal article
187 Perinatal exposure to HIV among children born in Australia, 1982–2006 2009 McDonald, A.M. Zurynski, Y.A. Wand, H.C. Giles, M.L. Elliott, E.J. Ziegler, J.B. Kaldor, J.M. Journal article
188 How do pregnancy outcomes differ in teenage mothers? A Western Australian study 2009 Lewis, L.N. Hickey, M. Doherty, D.A. Skinner, S.R. Journal article
189 Timing of transfer for pregnant women from Queensland Cape York communities to Cairns for birthing 2009 Arnold, J.L. de Costa, C.M. Howat, P.W. Journal article
190 Healthy pregnancies, healthy babies for Koori communities 2009 Waples-Crowe, P. Journal article
Last updated: 28 September 2016
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