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No Title Year Author Type
1861 Aboriginal men of high degree: initiation and sorcery in the world's oldest tradition 1994 Elkin, A. P. Book
1862 Starved spirits, starved minds 1994 Bolton, D. Journal article
1863 The role of the general practitioner in Aboriginal health [editorial] 1994 Beaton, N. Journal article
1864 Aboriginal concepts of the family 1993 Walker, Y. Journal article
1865 Culturally appropriate approaches 1993 Smith, I. Terare, C. Journal article
1866 From health worker to health worker...across Australia: talking with families about sorry business 1993 Rosas, M. Weeramanthri, T. Tippett, V. N. Journal article
1867 Locum in Alice Springs [letter] 1993 Ostberg, B. Journal article
1868 Obesity, diabetes and hyperlipidemia in central Australian Aboriginal community with a long history of acculturation 1993 O'Dea, K. Patel, M. Kubisch, D. Hopper, J. Traianedes, K. Journal article
1869 Tables of composition of Australian Aboriginal foods 1993 Miller, J. B. James, K. Maggiore, P. Book
1870 An introductory program on Aboriginal culture and health for non-Aboriginal health staff working in remote communities in the Top End of the Northern Territory 1993 Mathews, C. Collins, L. Weeramanthri, T. Nienhuys, T. Ross, S. Curry, R. Journal article
Last updated: 30 June 2016
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