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No Title Year Author Type
161 Drugs and crime: a study of incarcerated male offenders 2003 Makkai, T. Payne, J. Report
162 Transmission of health knowledge and health practices from men to boys among Aboriginal communities and non-Indigenous Australians: searching for evidence 2003 Laws, T. A. Bradley, H. Journal article
163 An Indigenous men's health forum 2003 Hayman, N. Report
164 An Indigenous men's health forum 2003 Adams, M. Report
165 Male sexual and reproductive health issues 2003 Adams, M. Journal article
166 Indigenous men taking their rightful place in society? A preliminary analysis of a participatory action research process with Yarrabah Men's Health Group 2002 Tsey, K. Patterson, D. Whiteside, M. Baird, L. Baird, B. Journal article
167 Alcohol-related injury and young males 2002 Steenkamp, M. Harrison, J. Allsop, S. Report
168 Researching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander male health: a thesis presentation as part of the Degree of Master of Arts (Indigenous Research and Development) of the Curtin University of Technology 2002 Adams, M. Conference presentation
169 Well men's check 2001 Smith, A. Beever, W. Journal article
170 Young Indigenous males, custody and the rites of passage 2001 Ogilvie, E. Van Zyl, A. Report
Last updated: 26 September 2016
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