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No Title Year Author Type
151 Major issues in working with people living with HIV and complex needs: how to case manage, maintain confidentiality, and manage disclosure 2007 Attwood, R. Journal article
152 HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C and sexually transmissible infections: a strategic framework for the ACT 2007-2012 2007 ACT Health Report
153 Northern Territory sexual health and blood borne viruses unit surveillance update [vol 8,2 - 2007] 2007 Department of Health and Community Services Report
154 NSW HIV/AIDS, sexually transmissible infections and hepatitis C strategies: implementation plan for Aboriginal people 2006–2009 2007 Hepatitis C Council of NSW Report
155 HIV and heterosexuality in Aboriginal communities in Western Australia 2007 Newman, C. Bonar, M. Thompson, S. Greville, H. Bessarab, D. Kippax, S. Journal article
156 Evidence base for STI/BBV prevention and treatment for Koori people in prison 2007 Onemda VicHealth Koori Health Unit Report
157 Queensland HIV, hepatitis C and sexually transmissible infections strategy 2005-2011: annual progress report 2006-2007 2007 Queensland Health Report
158 The 2004 Australian prison entrants' blood-borne virus and risk behaviour survey 2007 Butler, T. Boonwaat, L. Hailstone, S. Falconer, T. Lems, P. Ginley, T. Read, V. Smith, N. Levy, M. Dore, G. Kaldor, J. Journal article
159 The Jailbreak Health Project – incorporating a unique radio programme for prisoners 2007 Minc, A. Butler, T. Gahan, G. Journal article
160 Communicable diseases control manual 2007 Queensland Health Report
Last updated: 27 September 2016
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