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No Title Year Author Type
1521 Solid foundations: health and education partnership for Indigenous children aged 0 to 8 years: discussion paper 2001 MCEETYA Taskforce on Indigenous Education Report
1522 Effective learning issues for Indigenous children aged 0 to 8 years 2001 MCEETYA Taskforce on Indigenous Education Report
1523 Discrimination in medicine: the uncertain role of values 2001 Kerridge, I. H. McPhee, J. Garvey, G. Towney, P. Journal article
1524 Indigenous jobs growth and unemployment, 1996-2006: the impact of CDEP 2001 Hunter, B. Taylor, J. Journal article
1525 Health-related housing and infrastructure: relative need of communities and ATSIC regions in the Northern Territory 2001 Hoffmann, B. Bailie, R. Report
1526 Self-determination background paper: Aboriginal health promotion project 2001 Franks, A. Smith-Lloyd, D. Newell, S. Dietrich, U. Report
1527 Central Australian regional substance misuse strategic plan 2001 Durnan, B. Report
1528 Second to none? Australia and Indigenous human rights 2001 Dick, D. Journal article
1529 An introduction to the social determinants of health in relation to the Northern Territory Indigenous population 2001 Devitt, J. Hall, G. Tsey, K. Report
1530 2001 Sydney Peace Prize lecture 2001 Deane, W. Conference presentation
Last updated: 27 November 2014
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