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1501 Alcohol, AIDS and Aborigines: confronting the future 1990 Keys, B. Faldt, E. Hill, M. Conference presentation
1502 Australian Aborigines and alcohol: a review 1990 Kahn, M. Hunter, E. Heather, N. Tebbutt, J. Journal article
1503 Prisoner's experience with alcohol 1990 Indermaur, D. Book section
1504 Using a socio-historical frame to analyse Aboriginal self-destructive behaviour 1990 Hunter, E. Journal article
1505 Resilience, vulnerability and alcohol in remote Aboriginal Australia 1990 Hunter, E. Journal article
1506 Australian Aborigines and American Indians: comparisons in health care 1990 Hayes, M. Journal article
1507 Aboriginal health indicators in South Australia 1990 Divakaran-Brown, C. Honari, M. Book
1508 Nutrition in Australia: deficiencies, excesses and current policies 1990 Darnton - Hill, I. English, R. Journal article
1509 Responding to Aboriginal substance misuse: a review of programs conducted by the Council for Aboriginal Alcohol Program Services [C.A.A.P.S.] Northern Territory 1990 d'Abbs, P. Report
1510 Dry areas, alcohol and Aboriginal communities: a review of the Northern Territory Restricted Areas Legislation 1990 d'Abbs, P. Report
Last updated: 4 May 2016
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