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No Title Year Author Type
1491 Australian deaths in custody & custody-related police operations, 1995-96 1996 Dalton, V. Report
1492 The social and educational outcome of a cohort of rural children in relation to the racial and socio-economic groupings of their parents 1996 Cox, J. Journal article
1493 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Survey 1994: regional statistics: Warburton ATSIC region 1996 Australian Bureau of Statistics Report
1494 Aboriginal well-being 1996 Anderson, I. Book section
1495 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commission fourth report 1996 1996 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner Report
1496 Socio-economic indicators of Aboriginal people 1996 Aboriginal Affairs Department of Western Australia Journal article
1497 Income of Indigenous people 1996 Australian Bureau of Statistics Report
1498 Substance abuse and Aboriginal domestic violence 1995 Sumner, M. Journal article
1499 Is there a role for prevention in Aboriginal mental health? 1995 Hunter, E. Journal article
1500 Developing a strategic plan for improving Aboriginal nutrition and employment in the gulf region of the Northern Territory [abstract] 1995 Huggonson, D. Conference presentation
Last updated: 24 July 2016
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