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No Title Year Author Type
1491 Alcohol and crime: proceedings of a conference held 4-6 April 1989 1990 Vernon, J. Book
1492 Urapuntja Health Service health survey 1990 Urapuntja Health Service Report
1493 Decriminalisation of drunkenness 1990 Tuncks, J. Book section
1494 "Dry areas": preliminary views on their impact on communities in South Australia 1990 South Australia State Aboriginal Affairs Report
1495 Feedback to Kimberley Aboriginal communities: research findings on health and lifestyle presented to eight communities in May 1990 1990 Smith, R. Hunter, E. Spargo, R. Hall, W. Report
1496 Aboriginal alcohol and drug use 1990 Rydon, P. Journal article
1497 Compulsory treatment of alcoholism: the case against 1990 MacAvoy, M. Flaherty, B. Journal article
1498 What everybody knows about Alice: a report on the impact of alcohol abuse on the town of Alice Springs 1990 Lyon, P. Report
1499 Alcohol, AIDS and Aborigines: confronting the future 1990 Keys, B. Faldt, E. Hill, M. Conference presentation
1500 Australian Aborigines and alcohol: a review 1990 Kahn, M. Hunter, E. Heather, N. Tebbutt, J. Journal article
Last updated: 25 September 2016
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