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No Title Year Author Type
1411 Alcohol-related violence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities: a literature review 1993 d'Abbs, P. Hunter, E. Reser, J. Martin, D. Report
1412 Sociological research and clinical practice 1993 d'Abbs, P. Dear, G. Pead, J. Chalmers, E. Ryder, D. Journal article
1413 Alcohol consumption in the Northern Territory, 1992-1993: an analysis of trends revealed by two surveys 1993 d'Abbs, P. Report
1414 1993 National Drug Household Survey 1993 Commonwealth Department of Health Housing Local Government and Community Services Report
1415 Successful management of an Aboriginal patient with peritoneal dialysis 1993 Chow, J. Journal article
1416 Clients of treatment service agencies: March 1992 census findings 1993 Chen, R. Mattick, R. Baillie, A. Report
1417 Giving away the grog: an ethnography of Aboriginal drinkers who quit without help 1993 Brady, M. Journal article
1418 Evaluation of the Koori alcohol and drug prevention project (final report) 1993 Alati, R. Report
1419 Remaking the connections: an Aboriginal response to domestic violence in Australian Aboriginal communities 1992 Smith, S. Williams, S. Journal article
1420 Future directions for alcohol and other drug treatment in Australia 1992 National Campaign Against Drug Abuse Report
Last updated: 26 September 2016
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