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No Title Year Author Type
1 Metabolic syndrome and incident coronary heart disease in Australian Indigenous populations 2012 Li, M. McCulloch, B. McDermott, R. Journal article
2 Aboriginal to non-Aboriginal differentials in 2-year outcomes following non-fatal first-ever acute MI persist after adjustment for comorbidity 2012 Katzenellenbogen, J.M. Sanfilippo, F.M. Hobbs, M.S.T. Briffa, T.G. Ridout, S.C. Knuiman, M.W. Dimer, L. Taylor, K.P. Thompson, P.L. Thompson, S.C. Journal article
3 Healthy lifestyle programs for physical activity and nutrition 2012 Closing the Gap Clearinghouse Report
4 Overview of Australian Indigenous health status, 2011 2012 Thomson, N. MacRae, A. Brankovich, J. Burns, J. Catto, M. Gray, C, Levitan, L. Maling, C. Potter, C. Ride, K. Stumpers, S. Urquhart, B. Report
5 Rheumatic fever: identification, management and secondary prevention 2012 Smith, M. T. Zurynski, Y. Lester-Smith, D. Elliott, E. Carapetis, J. Journal article
6 Chronic condition management strategies in Aboriginal communities: final report 2011 2012 Kowanko, I. Helps, Y. Harvey, P. Battersby, M. McCurry, B. Carbine, R. Boyd, J. Abdulla, O. Report
7 Rheumatic heart disease in pregnancy – cardiac and obstetric outcomes 2012 Sartain, J.B. Anderson, N.L. Barry, J.J. Boyd, P.T. Howat, P.W. Online journal article
8 Supporting chronic disease self-management: translating policies and principles into clinical practice 2012 Higgins, R. Murphy, B. Worcester, M. Daffey, A. Journal article
9 Cardiovascular disease risk profile and microvascular complications of diabetes: comparison of Indigenous cohorts with diabetes in Australia and Canada 2012 Maple-Brown, L.J. Cunningham, J. Zinman, B. Mamakeesick, M. Harris, S.B. Connelly, P.W. Shaw, J. O'Dea, K. Hanley, A.J. Online journal article
10 Risk factors contributing to chronic disease 2012 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
11 "Hiding the story": Indigenous consumer concerns about communication related to chronic disease in one remote region of Australia 2012 Lowell, A. Maypilama, E. Yikaniwuy, S. Rrapa, E, Williams,.R. Dunn, S. Journal article
12 Living with aphasia: three Indigenous Australian stories 2012 Armstrong, E. Hersh, D. Hayward, C. Fraser, J. Brown, M. Journal article
13 Mortality after admission for acute myocardial infarction in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in New South Wales, Australia: a multilevel data linkage study 2012 Randall, D.A. Jorm, L.R. Lujic, S. O'Loughlin, A.J. Churches, T.R. Haines, M.M. Eades, S.J. Leyland, A.H. Journal article
14 Foetal origins of chronic disease - a key opportunity for prevention 2012 Forbes, M. Journal article
15 Summary of Australian Indigenous health, 2011 2012 Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet Report
16 The risk status, screening history and health concerns of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people attending an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service 2012 Stewart, J.M. Sanson-Fisher, R.W. Eades, S. Fitzgerald, M. Journal article
17 Application of geographic modeling techniques to quantify spatial access to health services before and after an acute cardiac event: the cardiac accessibility and remoteness index for Australia (ARIA) project 2012 Clark, R.A. Coffee,, N. Turner, D. Eckert, K.A. van Gaans, D. Wilkinson, D. Stewart, S. Tonkin, A.M. Journal article
18 Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia programs 2012 Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia Electronic source
19 The Australian guideline for prevention, diagnosis and management of acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease: 2nd edition 2012 Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia National Heart Foundation of Australia Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand Report
20 Continuing our efforts to close the gap: Ministerial statements 2012-13 2012 Macklin, J. Report
Last updated: 17 February 2018
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