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No Title Year Author Type
1 Indigenous language map 2013 ABC Indigenous Map
2 Gender, culture and intervention: exploring differences between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children's responses to an early intervention programme 2013 Robinson, G.W. Tyler, W.B. Silburn, S.R. Zubrick, S.R. Journal article
3 Approaches to dog health education programs in Australian rural and remote Indigenous communities: four case studies 2013 Constable, S.E. Dixon, R.M. Dixon, R.J. Toribio, J.A. Journal article
4 Decolonizing Indigenous disability in Australia 2013 Hollinsworth, D. Journal article
5 Aboriginal gambling and problem gambling: a review 2013 Breen, H. Gainsbury, S. Journal article
6 The acceptability to Aboriginal Australians of a family-based intervention to reduce alcohol-related harms 2013 Calabria, B. Clifford, A. Shakeshaft, A. Allan, J. Bliss, D. Doran, C. Journal article
7 Procedural vulnerability: understanding environmental change in a remote Indigenous community 2013 Veland, S. Howitt, R. Dominey-Howes, D. Thomalla, F. Houston, D. Journal article
8 Building relationships with Aboriginal people: a cultural mapping toolbox 2013 Stewart, J. Allan, J. Journal article
9 Assessing the influence of "standard" and "culturally specific" risk factors on the prevalence and frequency of offending: the case of Indigenous Australians 2013 Ferrante, A.M. Journal article
10 One size fits all? The discursive framing of cultural difference in health professional accounts of providing cancer care to Aboriginal people 2013 Newman, C.E. Gray, R. Brener, L. Jackson, L.C. Johnson, P. Saunders, V. Harris, M. Butow, P. Treloar, C. Journal article
Last updated: 27 September 2016
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