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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

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No Title Year Author Type
1 Use of health services for sexually transmitted and blood-borne viral infections by young Aboriginal people in New South Wales 2013 Ward, J. Bryant, J. Worth, H. Hull, P. Solar, S. Bailey, S. Journal article
2 Risk practices among Aboriginal people who inject drugs in New South Wales, Australia 2013 Paquette, D. McEwan, M. Bryant, J. Journal article
3 Training and tailored outreach support to improve alcohol screening and brief intervention in Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services 2013 Clifford, A. Shakeshaft, T. Deans, C. Journal article
4 Sexual behaviour and sexual health of Australian prisoners 2013 Butler, T. Malacova, E. Richters, J. Yap, L. Grant, L. Richards, A. Smith, A.M.A. Donovan, B. Journal article
5 Mortality in an Aboriginal Medical Service (Redfern) cohort 2013 Morrell, S. Phillips, B. Taylor, R.J. Daniels, J. Burgess, K. Mayers, N. Electronic source
6 The impact of the NSW Young Offenders Act (1997) on the likelihood of a custodial order 2013 Wan, W. Moore, E. Moffatt, S. Report
7 Disentangling the impacts of geography and Aboriginality on serious road transport injuries in New South Wales 2013 Falster, M.O. Randall, D.A. Lujic, S. Ivers, R. Leyland, A.H. Jorm, L.R. Journal article
8 Going Home Staying Home reform plan 2013 NSW Department of Family and Community Services Report
9 Indigenous Australian gambling crime and possible interventions: a qualitative study 2013 Breen, H. Hing, N. Gordon, A. Journal article
10 Improving participation by Aboriginal children in blood lead screening services in Broken Hill, NSW 2013 Thomas, S.L. Boreland, F. Lyle, D.M. Journal article
Last updated: 29 September 2016
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