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1 “I can't do this, it's too much”: building social inclusion in cancer diagnosis and treatment experiences of Aboriginal people, their carers and health workers 2014 Treloar, C. Gray, R. Brener, L. Jackson, C. Saunders, V. Johnson, P. Harris, M. Butow, P. Newman, C. Journal article
2 Practice Incentives Program: Indigenous health incentive guidelines 2014 Department of Human Services Report
3 Perspectives of Indigenous people in the Pilbara about the delivery of healthcare services 2014 Walker, B.F. Stomski, N.J. Price, A. Jackson-Barrett, E. Journal article
4 Dental workforce 2012 2014 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
5 People in health : developing Victoria's health workforce 2014 Victorian Department of Health Report
6 Investigating personality and conceptualising allied health as person or technique oriented 2014 Campbell, N. Eley, D.S. McAllister, L. Journal article
7 Definition of an Aboriginal health worker 2014 Workforce Planning and Development Report
8 Practical aspects of telehealth: doctor–patient relationship and communication 2014 Sabesan, S. Allen, D. Caldwell, P. Loh, P.K. Mozer, R. Komesaroff, P.A. Talman, P. Williams, M. Shaheen, N. Gabinski, O. Journal article
9 Review of early childhood parenting, education and health intervention programs for Indigenous children and families in Australia 2014 Bowes, J. Grace, R. Report
10 Close the gap: progress and priorities report 2014 2014 The Close the Gap Campaign Steering Committee Report
11 Managing skin infections in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children 2014 Marquardt, T. Journal article
12 My journey into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health 2014 Wieland, L. Journal article
13 Economic benefits of closing the gap in Indigenous employment outcomes 2014 Reconciliation Australia Report
14 Koolin Balit statewide action plan: 2013 to 2015 2014 Department of Health Victoria Report
15 Type 2 diabetes in Australia’s children and young people: a working paper 2014 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
16 Practical aspects of telehealth: establishing telehealth in an institution 2014 Sabesan, S. Allen, D.T. Caldwell, P. Loh, P.K. Mozer, R. Komesaroff, P.A. Talman, P. Williams, M. Shaheen, N. Grabisnki, O. Journal article
17 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health general practice embraces its significant role in closing the gap 2014 Wakerman, J. Stothers, K. Journal article
18 Trachoma: CDNA national guidelines for the public health management of trachoma 2014 Communicable Disease Network Australia Report
19 Nature and frequency of services provided by child and family health nurses in Australia: results of a national survey 2014 Schmied, V. Fowler, C. Rossiter, C. Homer, C. Kruske, S. CHoRUS team Journal article
20 Trends in health status and chronic disease risk factors over 10–14 years in a remote Australian community: a matched pair study 2014 Wang, Z. Scott, J. Wang, Z. Hoy, W.E. Journal article
Last updated: 17 March 2018
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