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Remote Health Atlas

Remote Health Atlas

by Northern Territory Department of Health

Electronic source
Year 2013
Publisher Northern Territory Department of Health
Last update 2013
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Abstract adapted from NT Department of Health

This website ('the Atlas') is a tool for Northern Territory (NT) Department of Health staff who work in remote areas. The Atlas is maintained by the Remote Health Branch of the NT Department of Health.

The Atlas contains protocols, standards, forms and information relevant to remote health work in the NT. Topics covered are:

  • community relationships
  • cultural considerations
  • medical records
  • recall
  • referrals
  • patient travel
  • quality assurance
  • health programs
  • emergencies, evacuations and retrievals
  • clinical protocols
  • births and deaths
  • pharmacy
  • stores and ordering
  • pathology
  • Medicare
  • information and communication technology
  • staff travel
  • vehicles
  • equipment and other assets
  • accommodation
  • visitors
  • occupational health and safety
  • infection control
  • employment matters
  • staff development.

In general, the website does not provide protocols for the management of clinical conditions. Protocols for the management of clinical conditions are covered by the CARPA standard treatment manual and the Women's business manual, both of which are endorsed by the NT Health Department. However, when clinical best practice changes, or where a new requirement for clinical guidance emerges, interim advice is contained in this Atlas.


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