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Indigenous Australians and oral health

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Indigenous Australians and oral health

by Shearer M, Jamieson LM

Book section
Year 2012
Book title Oral health care - prosthodontics, periodontology, biology, research and systemic conditions
City Rijeka, Croatia
Publisher InTech
Page 319-340
Isbn 9789535100409

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet abstract

This book chapter provides information on the oral health of Indigenous people in Australia, including:

  • general information on Indigenous health (including the social determinants of health, Indigenous concepts of health, and information on the Closing the gap government initiative)
  • caries among Indigenous children and adults
  • periodontal disease among Indigenous children and adults
  • tooth loss
  • protective and risk factors for caries, periodontal disease, and tooth loss
  • barriers to good oral health for Indigenous people.


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