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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

General: States and Territories


Department of Health and Community Services (2006)

Nutrition and Physical Activity Program Action Plan 2007-2012.

Casuarina, NT: Department of Health and Community Services

The Northern Territory Nutrition and Physical Activity Action Plan 2007-2012 follows on the Northern Territory Food and Nutrition Policy - Action Plan 2001-2006 and continues the practical implementation of the Northern Territory Food and Nutrition Policy 1996 and the 5 Year Strategic Vision Improved nutritional status and health of Territorians. The primary target groups for nutrition interventions outlined in this action plan are:

  • women of child bearing age
  • children under five years
  • school aged children
  • Indigenous people, particularly in remote communities

Priority areas outlined in the report include:

  • maternal and child nutrition
  • nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • nutrition of children under five years
  • nutrition of school aged children
  • food supply
  • availability, affordability and adequate consumption of core foods in remote communities
  • commercial and non-commercial food services
  • fruit and vegetable consumption
  • participation in regular physical activity
  • healthy weight for all
  • prevention and management of chronic disease

The main role of the NPA team in the implementation of the Nutrition and Physical Activity Action Plan 2006-2011 is in capacity building through:

  • training
  • support
  • communication and networking
  • promotion and advocacy
  • monitoring and surveillance

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet abstract

Queensland Public Health Forum (2006)

Be Active Queensland 2006-2010: a framework for health sector action for physical activity in Queensland.

Brisbane: Queensland Health

Last updated: 6 August 2014
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