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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin
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spacing1Gecko rating

The HealthInfoNet has adopted a gecko rating system - based on its logo - because there is some variation in the coverage of topics important to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. The number of geckos assigned to each section of our web resource indicates the level of coverage and navigational aspects (finding your way around the section) of each section.

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The main factor contributing to the variability of coverage and specific navigational aspects is the staff allocation we can give to particular sections, itself a reflection of funding levels - full coverage of all health-related topics is beyond the resources available to the HealthInfoNet. The 'core' funds provided by the Australian Department of Health enable quite good coverage of many health topics, particularly those within the Department's direct responsibility (a number of other important health-related issues, such as family violence and child protection, disability, and road safety, are the responsibility of other government departments/agencies). We are able to provide higher levels of coverage of certain topics (for example, alcohol and other drug use) because of extra funding for these areas. Unfortunately, coverage of other areas, particularly those outside the direct responsibility of the health system, are much less comprehensive. Also, our core and most other funding provides for attention to health and related issues at a national level, but, with the exception of Western Australia, does not enable us to direct special attention to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health at a state and territory level. (The WA State section is supported with special funds provided by the Western Australian Department of Health.)

The gecko rating system ranges from one to five geckos and includes a half gecko rating. A 5-gecko rating applies to sections with the highest level of coverage and navigation and a 1-gecko rating applies to sections with limited coverage and general navigation. The rating is determined by a set of criteria which include:

The HealthInfoNet's goal is to provide good coverage for all major areas relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, but our capacity to do so depend on the availability of resources.

Gecko rating list

A 4 to 5-gecko rating indicates that there is: comprehensive coverage of the topic; an up-to-date review; plain language material; a dedicated yarning place; and a news feed and social media account.
A 3 to 4-gecko rating indicates that there is good coverage of the topic and some plain language material, but the topic does not have either an up-to-date review, a dedicated yarning place and/or a news feed and social media account.
A 2 to 3-gecko rating indicates that coverage of the topic is quite good but the topic does not have either a review, plain language material or a dedicated yarning place and a news feed and social media account is not present.
A 1 to 2-gecko rating indicates that coverage of the topic is minimal and does not have a review, plain language material, a dedicated yarning place and a news feed and social media account.
Last updated: 14 June 2016
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