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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin
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Conference presentations/speeches

This section provides recent reference details and - where available - links and information on the conference presentations and speeches about Closing the gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians are listed here.


Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia (2011)

Prison health: closing the gap on Indigenous health outcomes.

Paper presented at the Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia Annual State Sector Conference. 12-13 April 2011, Hotel Rendezvous, Scarborough, WA

Aboriginal Maternity Service Support Unit (2011)

Closing the gap: early childhood: Women and Newborn Health Service: Aboriginal Maternity Service Support Unit.

Paper presented at the Aboriginal Health Council of WA – Annual State Sector Conference. 12th-13th April 2011, Scarborough, WA

Carapetis J, Silburn S (2011)

Key factors influencing educational outcomes for Indigenous students and their implications for planning and practice in the Northern Territory.

Paper presented at the Australian Council for Educational Research Conference 2011: Indigenous Education. 7-9 August 2011, Darwin

Eidos Institute (2011)

Professor Ian Anderson – full interview [video].

: Eidos Institute

National Congress of Australia's First Peoples (2011)

National Congress report 2011.

Strawberry Hills, NSW: National Congress of Australia's First Peoples


Campbell D (2010)

Is the gap in Aboriginal health the result of rational choice?.

Paper presented at the Australian Conference of Health Economists. 30 September to 1 October 2010, Sydney

Snowdon W, Grierson S, Hall J (2010)

Closing the Gap report 2010: ministerial statement: Indigenous affairs: House debates.

Canberra: OpenAustralia


Altman J (2009)

Beyond closing the gap: valuing diversity in Indigenous Australia.

Paper presented at the Values and Public Policy: Fairness, Diversity and Social Change. 26-27 February 2009, Melbourne

Baum F (2009)

Taking practical action on social determinants of health: closing the gap by 2040.

Paper presented at the 13th Annual NT Chronic Diseases Network Conference "Prevention is the Best Medicine". 10-11 September 2009, Darwin

Briggs L (2009)

Indigenous mental health workshop: close the gap campaign.

Paper presented at the WA Aboriginal Health Sector Conference 2009: Developing New Health Leadership. 25-26 March 2009, Fremantle

Calma T (2009)

The Close the Gap campaign.

Paper presented at the International Conference on "Realising the Rights to Health and Development for all". 27 October 2009, Hanoi, Vietnam

Calma T (2009)

Tobacco control and closing the gap.

Paper presented at the Oceania Tobacco Control 09 Conference. 7 October 2009, Darwin

Howorth P (2009)

Closing the gap: Indigenous development.

Paper presented at the Planning Institute Australia 2009 National Congress. 28 April 2009,

Humes G, Ngan C (2009)

We are the ones we are waiting for … a response to ‘Close the Gap'.

Paper presented at the Rural health: the place to be ... The 10th National Rural Health Conference. 17-20 May 2009, Cairns, Qld

Moran T (2009)

Closing the gap: forging new partnerships to address Indigenous disadvantage in Australia [speech].

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