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Programs and projects

This section provides details and links for programs and projects that address kidney health among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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The programs, projects and lessons learned have been rated to the left. The items are listed by title, but you can also select to list them by reach, focus, start date and end date.


Details and links (where available) relating to relevant programs, projects and lessons learned are collected here.

When you click on one of the headings of the table, the list will be sorted according to that heading. For more information about the program, click on the title.

If you have information you would like to have included on this page please contact us.

Title Reach Focus
A structured systems approach to improving health promotion practice for chronic disease prevention in Indigenous communities NT
Aboriginal chronic care program (ACCP): Murr-roo-ma dhun-barn NSW
Aboriginal haemodialysis patients NSW
Aboriginal health community re-entry program WA
Aboriginal health promotion and chronic care partnership (AHPACC) initiative VIC
Aboriginal remote telehealth (ART) pilot trial WA
Accurate assessment of renal function and progression of chronic kidney disease in Indigenous Australians (eGFR study) NT, QLD, WA
Active dialysis: a clinical trial of intensive dialysis Not specified
Antecedents of renal disease in Aboriginal children and young adults (ARDAC) study NSW
Audit of Kimberley Aboriginal patients with proteinuria, chronic kidney disease and end stage kidney disease WA
Aunty Jean's good health team program - Aboriginal chronic & complex care program NSW
Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health survey National
Australian primary care collaboratives program National
Care coordination and supplementary services National
Caring for Australasians with renal impairment National
Central Australia renal study NT, SA, WA
Centre of research excellence in Aboriginal chronic disease knowledge translation and exchange (CREATE) National
Chronic condition management strategies in Aboriginal communities SA
Chronic conditions program SA
Chronic kidney disease in Queensland (CKD.QLD) QLD
Circle of hope National
Clinical review of dialysis patients originating in the Kimberley region WA
Comparison of immunosuppressant drug pharmacokinetics in Aboriginal versus non-Aboriginal Australian kidney transplant recipients National
Country Health SA - Experts by experience register SA
Danila Dilba kidney health program NT
Early detection of chronic kidney disease in Aboriginal people NSW
Factors influencing renal development and function in Indigenous Australians: the roles of preterm birth, intrauterine growth restriction and maternal renal health NSW
Family accommodation initiative transplant housing (FAITH) program WA
Family study of ear health and metabolic diseases in a WA Aboriginal community WA
Forensic approach for reservoir identification for serious S. aureus infections in Top End dialysis clients (STARRS) NT
Genetic studies investigating the cause of the Tiwi Islanders renal disease NT
Gomeroi gaaynggal – Gomeroi babies program NSW
Gudbinji chronic disease program NT
Haemodialysis outcomes of remote Kimberley origin Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients WA
Health eTowns National
HealthLAB project NT
Healthy black and deadly NSW
Healthy for life National
Healthy start, healthy life National
Home based outreach chronic disease management exploratory study (HOMES) National
Implications of early life and contemporary influences on body composition, mental health, and precursors of chronic diseases in the Aboriginal birth cohort study National
Improving care for people with advance chronic kidney disease: the I'm OK project NT
Improving communication between clinicians and Indigenous kidney patients through the development and evaluation of new educational resources National
Improving Indigenous kidney transplant outcomes National
Improving Indigenous patient access to kidney transplantation (IMPAKT) National
Kanyini qualitative study National
Kanyini vascular collaboration National
Katherine renal dialysis unit NT
Kidney disease and Aboriginal health consulting National
Kidney disease health literacy among new patients referred to a nephrology outpatient clinic QLD
Kidney growth in premature and low birth weight babies NSW
Kidney kiosk QLD
Kimberley renal services WA
Lifescripts: advice for healthy living National
Live longer! National
Living improvements for everyone (LIFE) program WA
Lurrtjurringa lan program WA
Malpa National
Managing two worlds together: city hospital care for Aboriginal people SA
Medical outreach Indigenous chronic disease program (MOICD) National
Medical outreach Indigenous chronic disease program (MOICDP) Western Australia WA
Mootang tarimi (living longer) outreach screening program NSW
Move QLD
National chronic kidney disease registry National
National renal Indigenous resource collaborative (NRIRC) National
Northern Territory Australian better health initiative (ABHI) primary care integration project NT
Northern Territory renal access program NT
Northern Territoy point of care testing program NT
One deadly step NSW
Painting the future International
Palliative care for renal clients living in remote settings project NT
Palliative care in end stage kidney disease: are we meeting the needs of our Indigenous clients? WA
Practice incentives program (PIP) - Indigenous health incentive National
Purple truck project NT, WA
Renal (dialysis) health project WA
Renal health education nurse (Gelganyem project) WA
Renal primary health program NT
Return to country NT
Sharing the true stories project NT
Social support malpas NT
Stayin' strong QLD
Study of environment on Aboriginal resilience and child health (SEARCH) NSW
Sustainable garden project NT
Systematic review of effective chronic kidney disease programs National
The Aboriginal birth cohort study National
The DRUID follow up survey: diabetes and related disorders in urban Indigenous people in the Darwin region NT
The DRUID study: diabetes and related disorders in urban Indigenous people in the Darwin region NT
The effect of a periodontal intervention on renal health in Aboriginal Australian adults with kidney disease NT
The genetics of renal failure in an Australian Aboriginal population National
The purple house NT
The relationship of body composition, renal impairment and inflammatory cytokines in Indigenous people with diabetes NT
The Rural health outreach fund WA
The transplant story: a personal journey National
The wellbeing project NT
Tiwi pakajura primary prevention program NT
Town camp chronic disease project NT
Umoona kidney project SA
Update of prevalence, incidence and health economic data relating to chronic kidney disease in the Central Australian Region NT, SA, WA
VicOutreach Aboriginal health program VIC
Walgan Tilly project: chronic care for Aboriginal people NSW
Well person's health check day QLD
Western desert kidney health project WA
Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation mobile renal dialysis unit project NT
Work it out! QLD
Last updated: 1 December 2015
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