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Other resources

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Title Year Author Type
Indigenous health check (MBS 715) data tool 2017 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Electronic source
Rheumatic Heart Disease: recognition, prevention and treatment 2017 SA Health Audiovisual
Treatment Tracker App [Mobile application] 2017 RHDAustralia Electronic source
Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) matters during pregnancy! 2017 RHDAustralia Poster
Take Heart [Rheumatic Heart Disease resources] 2016 Take Heart Electronic source
Chronic conditions: resource guide 2016 Northern Territory Department of Health Library Services Electronic source
Indigenous health education for health professionals 2016 Australian Department of Human Services Electronic source
Education guide - Chronic Disease Management services to support Indigenous health 2016 Australian Department of Human Services Electronic source
Australian Heart Maps 2016 National Heart Foundation of Australia Electronic source
Lab Tests Online: explaining pathology 2016 Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists Electronic source
Better cardiac care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 2016 NSW Health Audiovisual
Diagnosis and management of rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease in the hospital setting - educational video 2016 SA Rheumatic Heart Disease Control Program Audiovisual
Improving cardiovascular outcomes among Aboriginal Australians: lessons from research for primary care 2016 Thompson, S.C. Haynes, E. Woods, J.A. Bessarab, D.C. Dimer, L.A. Wood, M.M. Sanfilippo, F.M. Hamilton, S.J. Katzenellenbogen, J.M. Online journal article
Yarning about 'that heart problem': RHD in pregnancy 2016 Belton, S. Sherwood, J. Peek, M.J. Vaughan, G. Sullivan, E.A. Journal article
ESSENCE: Essential Service Standards for Equitable National Cardiovascular CarE for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 2015 South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute Booklet
Administering Bicillin: reducing pain, stress and inconvenience experienced by patients who need 3 – 4 weekly IM Bicillin LA 2015 Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia Queensland Rheumatic Heart Disease Control Program Audiovisual
Rheumatic Heart Disease calendar: 'Don’t miss out on the things you love' 2015 SA Rheumatic Heart Disease Control Program Resource package
Stories from the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health survey 2012-13 2015 Australian Bureau of Statistics Audiovisual
RHD Australia education package 2014 Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia Resource package
Remote Health Atlas 2013 Northern Territory Department of Health Electronic source
A lot of Aboriginal men sort of keep it to themselves 2013 Andrology Australia Audiovisual
Be strong with your health team [online video] 2013 Rural Health Education Foundation Online multimedia
Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia programs 2012 Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia Electronic source
Red flag tool 2012 Panton, L. Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia Brochure
Heart to Heart: improving CVD adherence 2012 Rural Health Education Foundation Audiovisual
Things you should know about rheumatic fever 2012 RHDAustralia McDonald, M. Factsheet
Absolute risk assessment in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander populations​ 2012 Heart Foundation Audiovisual
Assume acute rheumatic fever until proven otherwise - think ARF A4 poster 2011 Queensland Health Poster
The Aboriginal health promotion and chronic care partnership (AHPACC) continuous quality improvement (CQI) tool 2011 Women's Health East Report
Sharing solutions: Indigenous communities tackling chronic disease 2010 Rural Health Education Foundation Audiovisual
A finger on the pulse: acute coronary syndromes [DVD] 2010 Swan, N. Chew, D. Colby, S. Fewquandie, B. Joyner, P. Audiovisual
Injection card reminder 2009 Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia Checklist
Rheumatic heart disease: all but forgotten 2008 Rural Health Education Foundation Audiovisual
Last updated: 9 February 2018
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