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Other reviews


Thewes B, McCaffery K, Davis E, Garvey G (2016)

Insufficient evidence on health literacy amongst Indigenous people with cancer: a systematic literature review.

Health Promotion International; Advance access(


Valery PC, Moore SP, Meiklejohn J, Bray F (2014)

International variations in childhood cancer in Indigenous populations: a systematic review.

The Lancet Oncology; 15(2): 90-103


Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Cancer Australia (2013)

Cancer in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia: an overview.

Canberra: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

This report provides a comprehensive summary of population-level cancer statistics across a number of states and territories in Australia for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples alongside comparative figures for non-Indigenous Australians.

The report aims to highlight key cancer statistics to inform health professionals, policy makers, health planners, educators, researchers and the broader public of the relevant data in order to understand and work towards reducing the impact of cancer for Indigenous Australians.

The report identifies significant differences between Indigenous Australians and non-Indigenous Australians cancer rates and examines the 10 most commonly diagnosed cancers. It also looks at the 10 most commonly reported causes of cancer deaths for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia and identifies differences between gender and across age groups.

Abstract adapted from Australian Institute of Health and Welfare


Cunningham J, Rumbold AR, Zhang X, Condon JR (2008)

Incidence, aetiology, and outcomes of cancer in Indigenous peoples in Australia.

The Lancet Oncology; 9(6): 585-595


Condon J, Armstrong BK, Barnes A, Cunningham J (2003)

Cancer in Indigenous Australians: a review.

Cancer Causes & Control; 14(2): 109-121

The aim of this article was to summarise evidence of the impact of cancer on Indigenous Australians. Details of publications found in a Medline search of peer-reviewed scientific journals, government reports and publications of cancer registries, non-government organisations, and non peer-reviewed sources are reported. An analysis of the content of these publications led to recommendations for health services and programs.

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet abstract

Last updated: 8 March 2018
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