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Proposal to research Indigenous Australian medicines

Date posted: 21 February 2012

Traditional medicines that have been used by Indigenous Australians for thousands of years may eventually be sold in pharmacies and health food shops around the world, under a plan by the complementary medicines industry.

The Complementary Healthcare Council of Australia is seeking $1.3 million from the federal government for research into traditional medicines.

The Council's executive director, Wendy Morrow, said research had demonstrated the effectiveness of traditional medicines from many countries, but very little work had been undertaken on Australian Indigenous medicines.

'We are one of the very few major countries that doesn't actually respect its Indigenous medicine the way that it should,' Dr Morrow said.

In a budget submission to the federal government, the council said funding should be provided for a comprehensive stocktake of specific Indigenous medicines in consultation with traditional owners. The work would build on research already undertaken at Macquarie University.

'This should then lead to a position where analysis of the key substances leads to pilot clinical trials being undertaken on those key substances,' the submission said.

The Council is also seeking government support for a project that aims to bring evidence-based Indigenous medicines to market with intellectual property of the products vested with traditional owners.

Source: The Canberra times


Last updated: 20 February 2012
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