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Living longer, smoking less but eating ourselves sick

Date posted: 12 June 2014

According to an extensive report on health care by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) reform council, Australian are living longer, smoking less and fewer children are dying. However, the report also indicates Australians are eating themselves sick, cannot afford the dentist and are catching diseases that vaccines could prevent. Moreover, Indigenous Australians are still being left behind as the overall national health outlooks improve. 

The chief concerns raised by the report, says COAG reform council chair, John Brumby, is that most Australians are fat and many do not realise that they have type 2 diabetes which is closely associated with obesity.

Other concerns include:

Positive findings of the report include:

Despite the continuing gap in life expectancy and child deaths for Indigenous Australian, Mr Brumby attributes the overall improvements partly to the reduction in Indigenous mothers smoking cessation, better post natal care and tackling of domestic violence.

Source: Fraser Coast Chronicle


Last updated: 12 June 2014
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