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Mobivators forum encouraging healthy lifestyle choices

Date posted: 17 February 2014

Mobivators, an online forum where people share healthy food and meal choices is encouraging Indigenous communities to make healthy lifestyle choices. Mobivator members encourage family and friends to take part in physical activity, and generally support and motivate community members to live healthily.

Created by Bernard Sabadi, a 29 year old Badu Island man from the Torres Strait, the forum was a result of a serious knee injury that led to constant pain, depression and weight gain. However Bernard made the decision to get back to being fit and healthy, which led to the creation of Mobivators. 'The benefits are endless in living a healthier lifestyle. We identified that a lot of our mob want to start and change their health, so we created Mobivators, a forum to share tips and advice so we can have support and encouragement from our own mob,' Bernard said.

His personal message to people about being eating healthy and helping others achieve their goals is 'Don’t be overwhelmed by all the information that is around about what to eat and what not to eat. Stick to what our mob have always done, eat naturally fresh and food that will nourish our body. Just start being active, even if you’re starting at 15mins, it's 15mins more than you would have done before, progress from there,' he said.

Source:, Mobivators


Last updated: 17 February 2014
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