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Short films delivering positive health messages in remote Indigenous communities

Date posted: 8 January 2014

A Darwin-based record company, Skinnyfish Music, is using its connections with Indigenous musicians to spread health messages in remote communities.

Thirty short films, written by people living in the communities, will be launched over the next two months, with the overall message promoting getting active, eating bush tucker and living longer. Comedy, music and traditional knowledge are used to tackle serious health issues, including excess consumption of soft drinks.

Skinnyfish Music co-founder Mark Grose says every community has taken a different approach. 'It's really Aboriginal people speaking to Aboriginal people about a modern issue,' he said. 'So I guess in a way, people aren't being lectured to, they don't have an expert or a doctor coming in saying this is what you have to do.'

John Paterson from the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance NT says in many remote stores water is still more expensive than soft drink, and fruit, vegetables and other healthy food options are also too expensive in remote community stores. 'This is why we want to encourage those shop owners, those chain stores that have a presence in Aboriginal communities, to seriously consider what they stock in their stores and really consider the long-term implications.'

Source: ABC News


Last updated: 8 January 2014
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