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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

Dr Norman Swan emphasises the importance of cholesterol in heart disease

Date posted: 8 November 2013

Dr Norman Swan has emphasised the role of lowering cholesterol on controlling heart disease after a recent television program questioned this, and the role of statin drugs that reduce cholesterol.

The Australian Medical Association have also stated that there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that reducing cholesterol has a major impact on controlling heart disease.

Dr Swan was particularly concerned about the effect this program may have on Indigenous Australians, who are especially likely to suffer from high cholesterol; 'I am worried that if you were an Aboriginal person watching that program you would think, 'I don't need to be on cholesterol lowering medication, I don't need to worry about it'.

Dr Swan further stated 'Cholesterol reduction is one of the few things that you can do for Aboriginal people safely, through statins which will save their lives, even though they have not had a stroke, because they are at high absolute risk.'



Last updated: 8 November 2013
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