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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

Senate committee release report on the social determinants of health

Date posted: 27 March 2013

The Senate Community Affairs Committee (Senate committee) have released a report on the social determinants of health after inquiring into Australia's domestic response to the World Health Organization's (WHO) commission report, Closing the gap within a generation.

The report has been applauded by the Social Determinants of Health Alliance (SDOHA) - a collaboration of Australian organisations from the areas of health, social services, and public policy - as representing a significant first step towards addressing the causes of health inequity in Australia.

The SDOHA have called on all political parties to adopt the recommendations made by the Senate committee.

'Our top priority was to have the Commonwealth, and hopefully other governments, ratify the WHO report, and that's the committee's first recommendation,' SDOHA spokesman Martin Laverty explained. 'That will make governments accountable and also give them a roadmap for how to actually address the social determinants of health.'

The inquiry comprised of 68 public submissions from organisations and individuals and four public hearings.

The report makes five recommendations:

Source: Senate Community Affairs Committee and the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation


Last updated: 27 March 2013
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